Coaching Skills: The Missing Link for Leaders - ROCATD LDC SIG

Tue, March 21, 2017 1:11 PM | Robert Peter II (Administrator)

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From left to right, Amy, Jon and Cindi joined Carrrie and Bob for our March 21st Learning and Development SIG meeting.

The morning's discussion was based on the downloaded article by the Ken Blanchard companies.  ROCATD participants discussed the topic of coaching, coaching tools and ideas applicable to their work.  

The Four Essential Coaching Skills (meeting notes)

1.    Listen to Learn - there are natural listeners and not so much - style differences, self-confidence is a foundation for good listening, listening training tips included repeating for clarity, the Yes and..., letting team members set agendas for coaching sessions/meetings, team activities to reinforce adapting styles to improve communication

2.    Inquire for Insight - Questioning Skills are critical to coaching success and not many possess them at an expert level, 2-min What? Questioning activity, question with curiosity not preconceived intention or judgment

3.    Tell Your Truth - feedback comes from a place of support and helpfulness, be fully present during coaching conversations, acknowledge feelings and emotions, fine-tune your noticing skills - recognize signs of disengagement/other negative emotions, use "yellow cards" to empower team members to lead up and hold you accountable for poor behavior/actions in order to drive lasting change

4.    Express Confidence - appreciate their work, focus on positives, celebrated successes, acknowledge positive change and goal achievement

The Coaching Process

1.    Connecting - build trust and rapport, be vulnerable

2.    Focusing

3.    Activating

4.    Reviewing

Key takeaways - coaching drives positive attitudes, trust and better results, training can improve the quality of coaching but very few organization invest in coaching skills training for their managers (5%) and 73% say it is a top leadership need.

Our next ROCATD LDC SIG meeting is April 18th, join us.
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