Establishing Trust With Others - the Critical First Ten Seconds

  • Thu, April 11, 2013
  • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
  • ABVI Goodwill, 422 South Clinton Avenue, Rochester, NY


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Establishing Trust With Others -
he Critical First Ten Seconds

When we meet another person for the first time, each of us forms an initial judgment about the other person in just a few seconds. Either a seed of trust will be planted, or the opportunity will be lost. This program will teach you 12 key objectives that are easy to accomplish, once you know them. These actions will provide for initial trust with most new acquaintances. This skill is important for all people, but it is critical for leaders to learn because trust in leadership is a key element for success of any group.

This program will be particularly useful to ASTD members who must build a bond of trust with managers when seeking approval  for new courses. Being able to establish credibility and rapport quickly is a key skill for all learning and development professionals. 

Join Bob Whipple – MBA, CPLP for an entertaining and enlightening program that will teach you these vital skills. This session will be interactive, and it will reveal some wonderful opportunities to improve the bond of trust you have with other people.

In this program, you will master the following 12 Tips:

  • First, check your attitude
  • Posture: how to stand - for men and for women
  • The handshake - 10 tips to do it correctly & what to avoid
  • The bond of empathy and connection
  • Eye contact - how much and how long
  • What to say- and especially what not to say
  • Be yourself - gracious but not drippy
  • Repeat and remember the other person's name
  • How to turn an early gaffe into credibility
  • Glad to meet and happy to be of service
  • How to break off elegantly without offending
  • Five C's to establish Trust

Participants will benefit from this program through a crystal clear view of the critical first 10 seconds when meeting someone new. Establishing a seed of initial trust is easy once you know these techniques. You will benefit from this program every day for the rest of your life, because all of your new acquaintances will start off on a firmer foundation.   Each participant will be given a laminated card with the 12 tips plus 10 handshake concepts.

About the Presenter

Bob Whipple is known internationally as “The Trust Ambassador.” He has written three books on the topic of building and maintaining trust in organizations.  He has been named by Leadership Excellence Magazine as one of the top 15 thought leaders in the country on the subject of Leadership Development, and by Trust Across America as one of the top 100 thought leaders on Trustworthy Business Behavior. He won the BEST Award from Central New York ASTD for excellence in learning and performance consulting.


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