All Members' Meeting - Using Coaching as a Learning Strategy

  • Wed, May 14, 2014
  • 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
  • St. John Fisher College, Wilson Formal Lounge


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Coaching Expert Headlines GVASTD’s All Members’ Meeting!

GVASTD is pleased to welcome Tim Hagen from Sales Progress - A Training Reinforcement Partner Company as the headliner at this year’s All Members’ Meeting. A dynamic thought leader in the realm of coaching, Tim will facilitate an engaging, interactive discussion about how Learning and Development departments and managers can partner to increase the success of every sales-related learning initiative. Interested in learning more? Check out this excerpt from one of Tim’s recent blog postings.

Coaching: The Difference Between 22% and 88%

That's the difference coaching and training reinforcement can make on a company's ROI when it comes to sales training.

It goes without saying that practice and reinforcement are the keys to any success. You can't just practice your baseball swing for one day and think you're going to win the home run derby. The same theory applies to sales. You can't expect to be a great salesperson if you don't keeping practicing and improving your skills. Practicing once will not make you salesperson of the year.

Training reinforcement is the key to success. Seminars help employees learn new selling techniques and new ways to stay in front of customers, but a study conducted by Sales Performance International found that participants in sales training forget half of what is taught within 5 weeks. Managers need to take it upon themselves to implement regular training sessions so that employees can keep up what they learned. Read more and download a free whitepaper here...
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