What you missed on April 15th and don't want to miss on May 21st

Fri, April 24, 2015 12:17 PM | Robert Peter II (Administrator)

What you missed...one of the best locally delivered programs that I have been to in a while, thank you Michelle - Bob.

“What's New in Training Effectiveness - How Does Your Current Learning & Development Stack Up?” April 15th program.

Here is the focus of today’s presentation:

  • Management priority should focus on the process, people, and structure (in order) 
    • The process should be logical & repeatable
  • Lack of Learning Transfer
  • Breakthrough Learning
    • Common language
    • Learning aligned with goals
    • Becomes strategic
    • Needs top down support & reinforcement
    • Training needs to be an experience; not a single event
  • Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning
    • Define (objective)
    • Design 
    • Deliver
    • Drive
    • Deploy
    • Document (the results)
  • How to Turn Training & Development into Business Results

In closing, we were left with “The best way to predict the future is to create it”.  Peter Drucker

Note: Each of these highlights were discussed in much greater detail

Presenter: Michelle M. Campanella, Director of Operations – Client Success Team, AXIOM Sales Force Development. 

--Thank you Joyce Schmidt for providing the program summary.

What you don't want to miss...All Member Meeting - Neuroscience Research - What We Need To Know About Its Impacts on Learning & Development

  • 21 May 2015
  • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Holiday Inn Brooks Avenue, Rochester

Registration: http://gvastd.org/event-1886032/Registration

Sophisticated brain-imaging tools allow researchers to study the brain and revolutionize the understanding of how we learn. As a result, today we know more about learning than ever before, which provides great opportunities for training and development professionals to harness new insights and apply this new knowledge to advance the field.

Neuroscience can be complicated and over-simplification can easily lead to misleading neuromyths. It’s well worth L&D practitioners delving deeper into neuroscience by attending this event which elaborates on neuroscience in the context of L&D.

Our presenter:

Rachel Wu, Assistant Professor at the University of California Riverside, www.rachelwu.com.

Rachel Wu is a postdoctoral fellow in Brain and Cognitive Sciences at University of Rochester and received her diploma in Fine Art and Design in London. She has had many exhibitions worldwide, and her paintings were recently displayed at the URMC Miner Library in a solo exhibition. Rachel's researchat the University of Rochester’sBabylab uses brain activity (EEG) and behavior (eye-tracking, manual responses) to investigate how we learn from infancy to older adulthood. Her latest study teaches older adults how to learn like infants (via painting) to promote healthy cognitive aging.

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